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Rationalize and modernize your applications

We help you optimize your application environment to improve efficiency, agility, scalability and gain valuable insights from your data.

Forward-looking organizations understand the real promise of application modernization: delivering differentiated business value. By transforming your application environment, you gain greater efficiency, agility and scalability, as well as valuable insights from your data that can help you improve your overall customer experience.  

But application modernization involves more than just technology. It requires a comprehensive approach that aligns to business outcomes, examines the current IT environment, assesses the gaps and develops a customized, process-led plan.

Rackspace Technology™ has the strategy, planning and execution expertise you need, across all application migration and modernization scenarios — so you can modernize quickly and successfully while protecting your business.

We start by understanding what you are solving for and delivering continuous application modernization across leading technologies — managed and optimized on the right platform — to help you accelerate innovation, reduce costs and improve customer experiences.

Increase agility 
By moving toward a cloud-native way of working, you create future stability for your products and can go to market faster.  

Reduce time to value 
We’ll help you close the value gap between legacy and modern environments, cut through technical debt and benefit more quickly from your investments 

Improve Customer Experience 
Customer expectations are constantly evolving and modernizing your outdated applications allow you to evolve with them and deliver an exceptional experience.  


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Use Cases

Understand your application landscape

Business growth often leads to a tangled web of old and new applications. Here’s how we can help:

  • We conduct a deep dive review of your processes, and make sense of your application landscape.
  • We provide a roadmap of what needs to be replaced, retired, modernized or consolidated.
  • We design a solution based on our findings to help you increase interoperability, extend application lifecycles, gain efficiencies and reduce costs.
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Redeploy your application to public or private cloud

Move your application’s underlying resources from your on-premises data center to the cloud as-is.

  • We’ll determine which applications should be rehosted, and our specialist migration team will determine the appropriate migration strategy for each application.
  • We then create a customized migration plan to move you quickly and smoothly to your target environment.
  • Our experts migrate your application to the cloud platform that optimizes performance with little risk or impact to operations — allowing you to quickly realize reduced costs, increased security and reliability.
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Realize the full power of the cloud by adopting cloud native services

Simplify ongoing application management with cloud native API management, logging, monitoring and alerting.

  • Quickly realize the cost, scale and reliability benefits of the cloud, without the need to refactor or rewrite applications.
  • Increase the elasticity and responsiveness of large, traditionally monolithic, workloads.
  • Create continuous build & delivery pipelines and infrastructure automation, delivering on the value proposition of the cloud for mid-lifecycle applications.
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Build your applications with cloud native technologies to instantly benefit from the scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud.

Write the software you want to write. Build self-healing, auto-scaling, serverless applications — unchained from the limitations of servers.

  • Never pay for an idle microsecond. Build responsive applications by leveraging the managed concurrency and routing provided by AWS.
  • Scale seamlessly through unpredictable traffic and remain resilient in the face of unexpected failures, without any effort.
  • Reduce overhead and reclaim time and energy that can be spent developing great products.
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Deploy modern applications with minimal changes

When serverless isn’t an option, containers can be used for deploying modern, complex, distributed applications. Containers often require only minimal changes to the application, making them the perfect evolutionary step when an application isn’t appropriate for major refactoring. Count on our consulting and engineering teams to:

  • Deliver a comprehensive view of your applications architecture and devise a well-architected container design solution with a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for process automation.
  • Solve management and infrastructure concerns by packaging code and dependencies in a common format.
  • Help you reduce complexity and scale effortlessly by leveraging the advantages of the container ecosystem and orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes.
  • Increase portability of applications and improved developer workflows by creating isolated sandboxes for each component, where applications run decoupled from the underlying infrastructure.
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Realize the benefits of always up-to-date software

Sometimes it makes more sense to replace your legacy application with a SaaS solution, especially if the SaaS solution fully meets your needs.

  • Save costs by updating your legacy applications with SaaS, eliminating the up-front purchase/installation fees and ongoing costs for maintenance and upgrades. Pay as you go, so you only pay for what you use.
  • Increase scalability and accessibility with the ability to change your usage plan easily and without advanced notice.
  • Grant subscribers access via internet access.
  • Realize benefits faster by giving end users quick access to the application and better ease of use, which can also increase adoption rates.
  • Let our expert team handle implementation and deliver ongoing optimization services for some of the leading SaaS solutions, including Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.
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Transform, automate and create cloud native solutions with custom DevOps execution

Iterate and evolve sustainably by adopting a software-led, cloud native approach to automating your operations and development.

  • Let our engineering experts work with you to design strong engineering practices that prioritize the reusability of software assets and the observability of running systems.
  • Accelerate implementation and adoption, helping your business realize their benefits faster.
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To Build or To Buy

Our original research shows that SaaS is more customizable than ever.

SaaS products are rising in favor as they continue to become more robust in capabilities, highly customizable and easier to implement. Research indicates a rise in SaaS as the preferred option when buying applications to enhance crucial but non-differentiating areas of business. Download the report to read more.

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"Rackspace has always been there to help us discover what’s out there for the business unit, to help us do an assessment and put a framework around whether applications should be rehosted, re-factored or re-platformed."
Vijay Thumma, Director of Cloud Services, McKesson Corporation See the case study

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